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28.11.2006 » Pressrelease » Solar Energy
Following the new policy and knowing the new trend!

Exhibiting March 15-17,2007
Venue Shanghai - Everbright Exhibition Center


Registration: March 13-14, 2007
Move-in: March 13-14, 2007
Exhibiting: March 15-17, 2007
Move-out: 14:00 March 17, 2007

Visitors from city planning projects, new resource consumer in city and countryside, electric power and electron industry, chemical industry, organizations of communication, weather, geological field operation, environment protection, semiconductor, architecture, construction material, metal and nonmetal material, colleges, universities and relevant research organization, resource, motivity and conservation, government decision and management organization, finance, banking, investment consultation organization.

Content of Display:
Solar-energy and PV products:
PV modul and components, PV mould and component production equipment, country PV electricity generation system, PV equipment installation and fittings, co-net PV system and PV electricity transport and distribution equipment; PV electrical power/battery, charger, controller, dc-to-ac inverter, water pump, solar electricity generation system equipment, solar energy conversion equipment, fuel battery, silicon solar battery, pellicle solar battery, raw material of multicrystal and single silicon, battery board cutting machine, checking machine

Solar-energy photoelectricity products:
solar street lamp, lawn lamp, court lamp, lantern, farm insecticidal lamp, signal lamp, traffic caution light, solar infomation display screen, etc.

Solar-energy projects:
PV electricity generation system project, solar energy warming system project and renewable energy sources product and application, solar energy project design etc.

Solar heat utilization productions:
outside wall and roof solar-energy groupware, measurement and control
system, solar system control software.

Complementary system of wind power and PV electricity generation:
wind power electricity generation equipment, wind power and PV complementary electricity generating system, small hydroelectricity generation technology and equipment, exploration and utilization technology and equipment of terrestrial heat energy and bioenergy and relevant products

Our Advantage:
Government Support; Influential Organizers
Under the solid support of government, our exhibition will work closely to the country's policy, with fully usage of the channels from CCPIT Pudong Sub-council to promote our event outside China. We have also obtained cooperation from foreign business offices in China, Chinese business offices overseas, related industry association, research agents, and professional media. Our exhibition will head for international, brand and specialization with entirely new gesture and excellent service. Cooperation of scale expanding and level increasing makes it become an Asian carrier

Geographic Advantage
Shanghai, the center of Yangtze River Delta, together with the East China, is the most active chain and market of manufacture. Thanks to the flourish economy of this area, it makes us possible to obtain support from professional visitors. Thousands of visitors will come to our exhibition and our event will also show our authority and efficiency by holding forums, academic seminars, products promotion, exhibition and trade negotiation.

Time Advantage
The earlier you seed, the earlier you harvest. As the exhibition is dated March 1 to March 3 in Shanghai Exhibition Center, which is the first exhibition in the year, the attention will be more, the exhibition quality will be ensured and the benefit will be greater.

Media Publicity
During the 8-month publicity and organization work, nearly 100 professional magazines, websites, and public newspaper will corporate with us. To expand overseas market, we will cooperate with related associations, business sections of consulate Shanghai offices and foreign trade organizations. To invite professional exhibitors and buyers jointly, the organizing committee will arrange personnel to send admissions on related exhibitions. Also we will arrange shuttle buses for overseas traders

Exhibition Cost
Standard booth: (3m x 3m)
Overseas Enterprise: US$ 2500
Raw Space: (Minimum: 36m2)
Overseas Enterprise: US$ 250/ m2
The Basic Fitting for Standard Booth:
Overseas Enterprise: US$ 230/ m2The Basic Fitting for Standard Booth:3*3 panels (height:2.5m), one fascia board with company name, 9 m2 carpet, one reception desk, two chairs, one socket (12A/220V), and two spotlights Remark: The freight forwarder and accommodation details refer to the exhibitor's manual.
Journal Advertising Expenses

Front Cover: RMB 15000
Inside Front Cover: RMB 10000
Back Cover: RMB12000
Head Page: RMB 9000
Inside Back Cover: RMB 8000
Color Inset: RMB 5000
Black & white Inset: RMB 2500
Literal Introduction: RMB 1000

Technical exchange and product promotion programmes during the exhibition
During the exhibition, the sponsor will invite the exhibitors to hold the technical exchange, product promotion programs and business meetings for special seminars and technical exchanges. The sponsor will also assist in providing service, soliciting audience and offering more business opportunities. Each meeting of 2-hour duration and be charged at RMB5,000.

The exhibitors are requited to fill in the Exhibition Application Form in particulars, and fax or send it back to the Organization Committee after stamping it with the official seal. It is required that the amount of 50% or total of the exhibition fee be remitted to the A/C No. designated by the Organization Committee within 7 days after submitting the application, for the purpose of determining the booth. Otherwise, the booth will not be reserved. The remaining amount, if any, should be paid off before January 6, 2007.

The Exhibitors, after remitting the required expenses, are kindly required to fax the bank remittance slip or send the copy to the Organization Committee for check. The Organization Committee, after the receipt of the amount, will issue the invoice and send it to the addressee required by the Exhibitor.


For exhibition, please contact
Ms. Angel
Phone: 0086-21-65289597

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