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12.09.2005 » Pressrelease » Wind Energy
renergys GmbH - Successful entrance into French market
It was already the end of last year that renergys GmbH decided to enter into the French wind power market.

Ladenburg (Germany)
13 September 2005

After having intensively sounded the market out, the
company based in Ladenburg can now announce its
first success.
On 11 August 2005, it entered into a contract with the
project developer Intervent SAS, the French subsidiary
of the Grüne Emissionshaus in Freiburg, to take on a
wind power project in the Normandy with an rated power
of 24 MW.
The project which is already in an advanced stage of
development was integrated into two French SPC’s of
the renergys-group. In order to develop the wind farm
until it is ready to be built renergys counts on the grand
experience of Intervent, who will act as the service provider
for the further planning and development steps.
Above all, renergys focuses on the areas covering the
financing and the legal structure of the project and can
herewith rely on its wide range of knowledge in international
project management. Both parties assume for the project to
be built during the first half of next year. The chosen approach
for taking on this project is also to be made use of for the
purchase of further projects in France.
renergys deliberately chose now to enter into the French market.
While the French feed in law still allows a calculable and
economic project realization, initial bureaucratic difficulties
have, in the meantime, extensively been cleared up.
“In the medium-term, renergys aims at the setting up of a
bigger portfolio of wind farms in France, which are not only
to be realized but are also to be maintained in the continuation
of the renergys-group”, Markus Lesser, managing director of
renergys GmbH, describes the further goals of his company
on the French market. After experiences in realizing the first
projects are deepened for the time being, there are already
plans to set up wind farms in France with an installed power
of 50 to 60 MW each year.
“It has also certainly not been our last deal with Intervent!”
says Andreas Pick, project manager in charge of the French
business of renergys GmbH and furthermore praises the
good cooperation of the two companies.
Profile of renergys
renergys holds an important role in the national and European
wind power market both as project developer and as power
generator. For this renergys links experience, promptness
and flexibility with reliability and financial power.
The goal is to look for the most efficient solution in every phase
of a wind farm project and to give optimal performance
independent of the manufacturer. Here, renergys relies on
the proven competence of its employees and partners as well.
renergys requires excellent quality for its wind farms and
provides this quality from the order process to the financing
up to the activity.
As an experienced general contractor, renergys is available
as a business partner during all development phases of wind
farms and covers the following areas of the process chain:
Selection of suitable locations
Preparation of the feasibility studies on the basis of self
–assessments and calculation of the profitability
Projection and organization of all necessary authorizations,
licences and rights
Solutions to project financing
Project marketing
Installation and start-up
Taking on developed projects in the company’s own stock
With wind farm Dahme 76, 5 MW the renergys-group operates one of the largest
wind farms in Germany.


renergys GmbH
Beatrice Bod
Phone: +49 (0) 62 03 / 9 31-0

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