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11.03.2007 » Pressrelease » Solar Energy
Innovation of biomethane by MT-Energie
- Technological quantum leap through the processing of biomethane by the procedure of BCM®

Rockstedt – With effect of 1 January 2007, MT-Energie GmbH & Co.KG acquired the license rights for the elaboration of a gas processing technology in accordance with the BCM® procedure for the European Union and North America. The license comprises construction and sales of the non-pressure BCM® procedure of Mess DGE GmbH (Dr. Ing. Günther Engineering) from Wittenberg for the processing of biogas with the quality of natural gas. Thanks to its long-year experience in the area of environmental protection and process engineering in the chemical large-scale industry, Mess DGE GmbH has developed that new kind of gas processing technology towards implementation.

Thanks to that innovative gas cleaning technology, MT-Energie will further expand its market position. The conventional processing technologies neither work without pressure nor guarantee such purity for the methane of the prepared gas. Thus, a lower boundary level of a 98% of methane contents of in the prepared gas is finally practicable.

As proofed in the first implemented plant of MT-Energie, the cleaning by means of gas scrubbing is carried out with an extremely low methane slip (< 0.1%) compared with conventional procedures. Furthermore, thanks to the non-pressure procedure, the plant can be very cost-effectively operated. Therefore, the discussion about gas quality, economic and ecologic efficiency will get a new dimension.

The cleaning of biogas with quality of natural gas and its inclusion as biomethane in the already existing net of natural gas will become the key process of the biogas technology. Here, the reliable technology and the total processing costs as a result of the purchase price and the operation of the plant are the decisive factors. That is the great strength of that innovative procedure.

Thanks to the license rights for the sales and construction of the gas processing technology for the EU and North America, MT-Energie can extend its already renowned range of offer by a significant component. As in the case of the complete biogas plant, for the gas processing, the customer has now also the opportunity to acquire everything from one single source.

PROFILE of MT-Energie:

MT-Energie GmbH& Co.KG designs innovative, efficient and economic biogas plants, thanks to its 11 years of experience of biogas. Starting with the idea up the successful continuous operation of the biogas plant – the customer will receive an efficient service. In the year 2007, the company will further expand its market position with more than 200 employees

In 2006 alone, MT-Energie carried out the new installation of 24 MW, by means of the construction of 32 new plants and the expansion of existing plants. For the year 2007 there are further 60 biogas projects in the pipeline with a total power of installation of approx. 40 MW. At the same time, there are already contracts for the first plants in Italy, Hungary and Czech Republic.

MT Energie GmbH & Co.KG
Bodo Drescher
Phone: +49 (0)4285 9244 0

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