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03.09.2020 » Solar Energy
Private investor acquires 740 kWp solar park through EcofinConcept

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Investors rely on EcofinConcept's solar know-how

16.09.2019 » Wind Energy
EcofinConcept: Successful completion of one of Germany‘s largest repowering projects

06.08.2019 » Solar Energy
EcofinConcept markets a further 749 kWp solar park to a private investor

05.07.2019 » Solar Energy
PRESS RELEASE EcofinConcept successfully accompanies solar park transactions to a Family Office

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14.03.2007 » Pressrelease » Solar Energy
The new generation of vacuum-tubes

The cladding tube
The poor in iron, high transparent special glass of the cladding tube is permeable for the entire solar spectrum up to uvb rays and therefore also able to transform the energy of the ultraviolet rays into heat.
The cladding tube is supplied with an anti-reflex coating on the basis of nano particles. This increases the transmission up to an average of 95%; it prevents weathering and additionally stabilizes the glass by closing micro cracks.

Hailstorm resistance
NTS-Vacuum-Tubes feature excellent hail resistance.
Completely pumped down collector tubes are tested for hail resistance in compliance with the draft standard prEN 12975-2:2004. During this test procedure a 150 g steel ball is dropped 10 times vertically on a suspended glass tube.
All samples withstood a 40 cm height of fall; 75% of the samples even a 60 cm height of fall. They were only destroyed at a 80 cm height of fall.

Vacuum technology
Only the knowledge of the latest evacuation processes in consideration of the sorption kinetic pattern of the evacuating tubes is used.
The glass manufacturer’s longstanding experience in producing vacuum-sealed glass-metal connections guarantee a long-term quality.
Getter ion pumps with a st14 barium alloy keep the vaccum during the service life in a stable condition.

Glass-metal connection
A new type of glass-metal connection has been developed and legally protected for the NTS-Vacuum-Tubes.
The absorber pipe is led through a robust and springy top cap of a special alloy (dilaton), in the outer region it is permanently melted into the cladding tube. This new type of glass-metal connection resists abnormally transverse and vibrator forces of wind loads, strains and cavitation impacts because the construction absorbs bending moments which are transmitted by the absorber pipe and does not burden the glass.
Beyond there is a very low thermal conductivity which minimizes the heat loss and reduces the temperature burden of the glass significantly that even a cold water sprinkling under stagnation conditions does not cause damage.

The latest, highly selective absorber materials with a multifunctional layer composition are used in the NTS-Vacuum-Tubes.

Architectural integration
NTS-Vacuum-Tubes can be obtained in three different standard lengths and can therefore also provide a flexible used creative element for facades, balconies and pergolas, etc.

Covering of power substituting application areas
NTS-Vacuum-Tubes provide high driving temperatures which boost the efficiency of thermal powered ad- or absorption cooling machines in cold production. Currently 135 million electric operated compression cooling machines are sold which cause the increasing collapses of the electricity networks in times of strong solar rays.


NT-Solartechnik GmbH
Doris Verhall
Phone: +49 5931-883 662

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