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03.09.2020 » Solar Energy
Private investor acquires 740 kWp solar park through EcofinConcept

04.02.2020 » Solar Energy
Investors rely on EcofinConcept's solar know-how

16.09.2019 » Wind Energy
EcofinConcept: Successful completion of one of Germany‘s largest repowering projects

06.08.2019 » Solar Energy
EcofinConcept markets a further 749 kWp solar park to a private investor

05.07.2019 » Solar Energy
PRESS RELEASE EcofinConcept successfully accompanies solar park transactions to a Family Office

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12.06.2007 » Pressrelease » Bio Energy
Combined Heat and Power Press Release

The Association welcomes much of the White Paper. Government has demonstrated it's support for decentralised energy and renewable CHP, but the Association fears the White Paper will send a confused message to the power industry and energy intensive users.
Phillip Piddington, Director of the CHPA, commented:
"Industry and energy producers need clear and decisive market signals. The Industrial sector is impatient for a change and is clearly awaiting direction with regards to onsite power and heat. Whilst we commend the Government for it's recognition of the role CHP can play at a community level, we believe there has been a missed opportunity to level the playing field in support of large industrial CHP".
"The White Paper is likely to send a message to utilities, industry and the wider public that is incoherent. Consistency is only possible if the Government delivers a clear strategy in support of the European Cogen Directive and genuinely backs their own targets of 10GW by 2010. Any positive signals that these groups might have been waiting for will now have to wait until a series of consultations has taken place".
Mr Piddington concluded that:
"Industry is hopeful that future consultations will clarify the potential for Combined Heat and Power to deliver substantive and proven cuts in carbon emissions, produce heat for residential and industrial consumers in a sustainable manner, and improve security of supply through primary energy savings".

Combined Heat and Power Association
Peter Smith
Phone: 020 7828 4077

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