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01.10.2009 » Pressrelease » General
NS Power and OpenHydro unveil in-stream tidal turbine

Final preparations underway for deployment in Bay of Fundy

HALIFAX ─ Nova Scotia Power and its technology partner OpenHydro have unveiled a 1-megawatt (MW) tidal turbine which they will deploy in the Bay of Fundy this fall as part of Nova Scotia’s tidal power test facility. The Open-Centre Turbine was manufactured in Ireland by OpenHydro. The turbine will rest directly on the ocean floor using a subsea gravity base fabricated in Dartmouth by Cherubini Metal Works.

“It’s exciting to have reached this point in the turbine’s development,” said Rob Bennett, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power. “Nova Scotia Power has been harnessing the power of the Bay of Fundy since the 1980s, and we’re looking forward to the results and the potential of this emerging technology as part of our overall shift to more renewable energy in Nova Scotia. Reaching this milestone was only possible with the support and work of our partners at Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE), particularly Minas Basin Pulp & Power.”

“We are delighted to be working with Nova Scotia Power on this innovative project”, said James Ives, CEO of OpenHydro. ”We believe that the Bay of Fundy holds huge potential as a source of clean renewable energy and we look forward to completing the installation of our first 1MW turbine this Fall and beginning the detailed turbine and environmental monitoring programme. We are extremely grateful to Cherubini Metal Works for completing construction of the steel subsea base on time and to such a high quality.”

Cherubini Metal Works was awarded a $1.7 Million (CAN) contract in April 2009 to supply the OpenHydro-designed subsea base and to provide support services to the project. Approximately 24 workers at Cherubini have been employed by the project since that time.

“We are very pleased to have been selected to work on this innovative and unique project,” said Steve Ross, General Manager of Cherubini Metal Works. “The project has provided the opportunity to be on the forefront of this new energy technology and also has created important jobs here in Nova Scotia. We look forward to the potential of creating a new fabrication industry here in Nova Scotia around tidal energy.”

The 10-metre turbine will be deployed in the Minas Passage of the Bay of Fundy this fall as part of the FORCE tidal test site. Testing will last up to two years. Operational data will be collected and shared by Nova Scotia Power and OpenHydro to determine the environmental performance and future feasibility of tidal power in the Bay of Fundy. The testing will focus on the robustness of the turbine in the harsh environment of the Bay of Fundy, close monitoring of any environmental impacts of the turbine, and the energy production capabilities of the technology. Nova Scotia Power looks forward to being an active participant, along with FORCE, in the ongoing monitoring of the test site.

“Our Government supports clean technologies that provide opportunities for economic growth while offering innovative solutions to help protect our environment,” said Mr. Gerald Keddy, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade. “This investment will move forward new technologies that will foster a healthy, cleaner and more prosperous Canada.”

Nova Scotia Power’s involvement with this tidal energy test facility is supported by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), an arm’s-length, not-for-profit corporation created by the Government of Canada.

“Anyone who has spent time on Canada’s coasts is aware of the immense power of the tides,” said SDTC President and CEO Vicky J. Sharpe. “SDTC is proud to be working with Nova Scotia Power and its partners to harness the power of the Bay of Fundy tides and use it to produce clean, renewable electricity.”

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