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22.11.2006 » Pressrelease » Solar Energy
Federal Government shall strive for new energy politics in Brussels
Specific expansion targets for Renewable Energies needed

Berlin, 22.11.2006 - On the occasion of tomorrow’s meeting of EU-Energy-Ministers the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) demands that the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Michael Glos, express his strong support for clear targets for further expansion of renewable energies. Until 2020, a quarter of Europe’s energy consumption should be covered from renewable sources. Additionally, mandatory sectoral targets are necessary for electricity, heating and cooling and for biofuels. Without such targets Europe’s dependency on expensive energy imports would raise from 50% today to more than 70%. Furthermore, a substantially increased deployment of renewable energies is necessary to reach the EU’s climate protection targets.

BEE-President Johannes Lackmann: "The Federal government must make use of the presidency next year to pave the way for a future bound energy supply for Europe. To achieve this goal we need manda-tory targets for renewable energy expansion". In addition, a new European high level group on renewable energies must be installed. The EU must no longer aim at a critical dependency from Russian gas and Arab oil. Utilisation of domestic and climate friendly energies is mandatory to secure international competitiveness of Europe’s economy.

The Renewable Energy Sector believes - in line with the European Parliament - that for 2020 an expansion target of 25% for the share of renewable energies in the total primary energy supply is realistic. Addi-tionally, sectoral targets have to be agreed: 35 % of electricity, 25 % of heating and cooling and 20% of transport fuels must be renewable energies in 2020.

BEE-President Lackmann: "In contrast to all previously agreed EU-targets the new goals must be manda-tory in order to enable indictment for violation of the EU-treaty against member states who do not reach their targets". Already now, further reaching targets for the share of renewable energies in 2030 and 2050 should be decided to create investment security for investment in sustainable energy.
For future development of sustainable energy it is crucial to avoid any notions and targets which combine renewable energies with other said to be clean energies. This is why the European Commissions recently adopted aim of a "low carbon economy" is leading astray. The language is a misleading attempt to equalise renewable energy with "clean coal" and highly risky nuclear energy.

A paper describing the demands of BEE and its member associations concerning German EU presidency 2007 can be downloaded at


German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE)
Milan Nitzschke
Phone: +49 174 242 99 18

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